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You can get ticker information, last is the latest transaction price

Will there be a negative growth in the 24-hour trading volume in the ticker interface?

Will do. Because the 24-hour trading volume is a 24-hour rolling data (the size of the translation window is 24 hours), it may happen that the accumulated trading volume and accumulated trading volume in the next window are smaller than the previous window.​

newClientOrderId is your customized order number, which can be used to identify your order. After the order is placed, you can make newClientOrderId call the “Order Information” interface to view the order status;

The user needs to ensure that this ID is not repeated, and we will not prompt for re-relocation. If there is a repetition, you can only cancel or query the latest piece of data when canceling and querying the order

Yes, the batch interface will limit 10 orders

Coin’s /sapi/v1/symbols interface can be obtained

The network cannot connect to the server. It is recommended that you check whether the network is smooth.

Without adding a heartbeat, the WebSocket connection requires the client to return to pong to ensure the stability of the connection.

The pong message sent by the client is caused by network reasons, but the server does not receive it, or other network reasons may also cause automatic disconnection.

It is recommended that users have a good WebSocket disconnect and reconnect mechanism to ensure that the program can automatically reconnect when the heartbeat (ping/pong) connection is accidentally disconnected.

Normally not, just reduce the frequency of access.

The request interface exceeds the access frequency limit. It is recommended to reduce the access frequency.

Personal data is restricted according to API-key, and public data is restricted according to ip. It should be noted that if the user requests public data and passes in valid personal information, it is restricted according to API-key.

There are restrictions. For details, see the access frequency restrictions for each interface in the document.

We recommend attaching Content-Type to all request headers and setting it to application/json

Whether the string before signing conforms to the standard format, the order of all elements must be consistent. You can copy the following example to compare with your string before signing:

GET Example: 1588591856950GET/sapi/v1/account​POST Example:1588591856950POST/sapi/v1/order/test{“symbol”:”BTCUSDT”,”price”:”9300″,”volume”:”1″,”side”:”BUY”,”type”:”LIMIT”}

You can print out the request header information and the string before signature, with the following points:
Compare your request header with the following request header example one by one
Example request header:Content-Type: application/jsonX-CH-APIKEY: 44c541a1-****-****-****-10fe390df2X-CH-SIGN: ssseLeefrffraoEQ3yI9qEtI1CZ82ikZ4xSG5Kj8gnl3uw=X-CH-TS: 1574327555669

First, it is recommended that the user print out the X-CH-TS, and check whether the X-CH-TS is empty when there is an exception, and it is recommended that the user code is optimized, and judge whether the X-CH-TS is empty before each request.

When the server receives the request, it will judge the timestamp in the request. If it is sent before 5000 milliseconds, the request will be considered invalid. This time window value can be customized by sending the optional parameter recvWindow.

No, you will no longer be able to log in to your ABX account once you have deactivated your account.

No, you are not able to register a new ABX account using the same email address/mobile number.

Yes, traders can change their registered mobile number to a new number that has not been used on ABX before.
However, removal of mobile numbers is not supported yet.

Yes, you can change your registered email address from the MY ACCOUNT page.
However, removal of email address is not supported yet.

Yes, you can register via email as long as you don’t see your country on the mobile number registration list.

Yes, you may still register without an invitation or referral code. You may leave the referral code blank and proceed to create an account on ABX.

Here are some of the common reasons why verification may be unsuccessful (not a complete list):

  1. The system detects other verified accounts with the same ID information. Please be informed that ABX only allows one account to process verification for each person.
  2. Facial recognition fails. Please ensure to center your face in the frame.
  3. ID detection fails. Please ensure your original ID is clear and visible; overexposure, reflection or an incomplete image may lead to failure.

4. Screenshot/scan copy is not acceptable. Please upload the original document and resubmit.

ABX only accepts documents issued by your country of origin which contain the following information: photo, name, date of birth, document number, date of issue. These include passport, identity card, residence permit and driving license. Student Visa, Working Visa or Travel Visa are not accepted.

ABX only allows one account per user to process KYC verification. For security reasons, we are not allowed to transfer or remove personal information from the account.

If you encounter any issues with KYC verification, kindly contact us to our Customer Support. The relevant team will reach out to you within one working day.

Generally, the KYC verification process due to the complexity of information verification, may at times take up to 24 hours.

1-ABX Launchpad

2-Earn products

3-Buy Crypto: Including One-Click Buy, Fiat Deposit, and P2P Trading.

4-NFT:  For all NFT purchases, NFT sales, NFT deposit & withdrawal.

5-Rewards: Claim your rewards in the weekly prizes.

1-Security and compliance: ABX strives to provide a secure and compliant trading environment in accordance with regulatory requirements.

2-Prevent illegal activities: Prevent illegal activities and detect suspicious behavior as early as possible.

3-Provide enhanced services: Users who complete individual KYC can enjoy our Fiat services and Earn products, and attain higher limits for daily withdrawal.

4-Access exclusive offers: Gain access to exclusive promotions and events, such as Launchpads.

5-Provide convenience and security: In the case of lost credentials to access the platform, a KYC-verified account provides a simpler process to help you to recover your account.

KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines for financial services require that professionals make an effort to verify the identity, suitability and risks involved, in order to minimize the risk to the respective account.

Your account has violated the ABX terms of service.

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