Google Authenticator & Invalid Code error

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It is possible that after entering your Google Authenticator code, the ABX page will display an error message such as “Invalid Code”.

There can be multiple reasons for this error to appear and users are advised to follow the steps below.

Step 1: As you may have several Google Authenticator code for different platforms, please ensure that you are entering the correct 6 digit random code generated by your Google Authenticator or other 2FA apps.

For ABX, the code should be generated under the ABX section followed by your registered email address or phone number.
Please ensure the code you refer to are generated under the name:
ABX (Your E-mail address)
ABX (Your registered mobile number)

Step 2: The 2FA verification is highly time-sensitive.
As such, the “invalid code” error can appear if your devices are registering a time difference and can even be only a few seconds with the Google Authenticator application.

In this case, please try to synchronize the times between your devices and the Google Authenticator application.

Step 3: If the previous steps were not successful, please try to login using incognito mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N. If you are able to login, it is possible that a cookie or cache is preventing the code from being validated by the system. You can clear your browser’s cookies and cache as follows:

— Go to your browser settings to clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
— Close all the tabs opened on your browser and reopen a new tab to ensure the settings changes are effective.

— Relaunch and attempt to login again.

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