Docly Futures Will Launch KEY/USDT Perpetual Contracts with Up to 50X Leverage

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Dear Users: Futures will list KEY/USDT Perpetual Contracts with up to 50X Leverage on JUNE 21, 2023, 6:30AM UTC.
The KEY/USDT contract configuration is as follows

Perpetual Contracts KEY/USDT
Launch Time 2023-06-21 6:30 (UTC)
Underlying Asset KEY
Settlement Asset USDT
Futures Size 500 KEY / Cont.
Max Leverage 50X
Trading Hours 24/7

Please note:
• Based on market risk conditions, may adjust the specifications of the contracts from time to time, which include the tick size, maximum leverage, initial margin, and/or maintenance margin requirements.

About KEY:

The KEY token is an Ethereum ERC-20 compliant cryptographic token used for access rights and proof of reputation within the SelfKey Network. The KEY token is a trust mechanism that allows participants to exchange value within the SelfKey Ecosystem.
Identity Owners are required to place KEY tokens in a locked smart contract, also known as “staking”, to access the network.
The smart contract, automatically releases the staked tokens, once the identity owner decides to leave the SelfKey Ecosystem.
Staking KEY acts as a Sybil-attack prevention mechanism. Sybil attacks occur when a bad actor, creates a number of identities, whether false or stolen, to gain influence in the Ecosystem.
Any bad actor trying to game the network is required to stake a certain amount of KEY for each identity created. Furthermore, once a verifier detects the identity fraud, this bad actor will face a loss, as he will be unable to recover the staked tokens.
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Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products with great prices fluctuation. Please make a rational judgment on your investment ability and make investment decisions cautiously. will carefully select quality assets, but shall not be liable for guarantee, compensation, etc. for investment. We wish you a pleasant deal.
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