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Step 1: Please click on More –> Copy Trading in the navigation bar to enter the Copy Trading page.

Step 2: Select a trader. You can select traders you want to follow.

You can see a list of the traders on the Copy Trade Page with their Nickname, ROL, Total PNL, Winning Rate, and Current Followers displayed on the page.

You can also sort the list of traders by Profit, Yield, Win Rate, and Number of Followers, we also support search by nickname.

There are two views available, you can have a better view of all the traders using the box view.

Step 3: On the trader’s homepage, click “Copy” and enter Copy Settings.

You need to complete the set before copying any traders.

Step 4: View my copy trading history

Click “My Copy Trading History” to check copy trading data.

  • Overview: It displays “Total Copying Amount”, “Income” and “ROL”. You can view more details after you scroll down the list.
  • Ongoing: It Includes copy trading orders not closed yet.
  • Closed: It includes USDT copy trading orders already closed.
  • My Following: All the following orders including those that the order opening is not successful yet.

Step 5: Edit or cancel copy trading orders

Go to “My Copy Trading Orders” – “Ongoing” and tap the trader you are copying. Click “Stop Copying” to stop copying manually. There are two types to choose from:

If you choose to end the following relationship, once canceled, you will no longer copy the traders’ orders and the trader will no longer show on your copying list. Existing copied orders will be closed as the trader closes the orders.

If you choose to only close this order, only this order will be closed, and the following relationship will not be terminated.

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